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Permission to contact Hunt County and its Cities on behalf of Poetry

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  • Permission to contact Hunt County and its Cities on behalf of Poetry

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to bring up an important topic that we discussed at our last meeting regarding the regulation of special use districts, particularly Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs).

    At our last meeting, we talked about the negative impacts that MUDs can have on our communities, including the lack of oversight and regulation, financial burdens on residents, and potential health and safety hazards. We also approved Kaufman County’s ordinance opposing special use districts formed by developers.

    While we seemed favorable to the idea of taking action against MUDs in Hunt as well, we did not formally vote on having anyone reach out to the County and other cities to urge them to pass similar ordinances. Therefore, I wanted to ask if it would be alright if I reached out to the County and Cities of Hunt, asking them to pass a similar ordinance opposing MUDs in their communities.

    I believe that taking action on this issue is important to protect our residents and ensure the well-being of our community. If any of you think we should put this to a vote to send a representative, we can put it on our next agenda. I’ve written a short letter explaining some of the basic reasons this needs to be passed in Hunt as well, I was hoping to send out to our fellow cities and to the County. The letter is attached.

    Thank you all for your time, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.

    Best regards,


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    Great work Simeon. I agree with petitioning the other cities in Hunt County but this letter also needs to be sent to the Hunt County Commissioner's. I don’t have proof but it’s probably easily obtainable, I believe Rockwall County did this before Kaufman County. If we can find that documentation, this could boost the influence with Hunt County. Two of their adjoining counties have already taken action with a proactive resolution.

    To speak on the content of the letter:
    I think it pretty well translates the concern but another key concern that I have and I believe should be added is this letter is the negative effects MUD’s have on emergency services. Rural volunteer fire departments and paid fire departments with ESD’s (Emergency Service Districts) as well as law enforcement are already stretched thin and work with minimal budgets and minimal staffing. The residents of MUD’s deserve emergency responses just like every resident in the county. But the authorities having jurisdiction bear the burden of the service.

    I would like to hear what everyone else has to say but I would agree if this needs to be voted on, it needs to be on the upcoming agenda. My hope is Hunt County has already started this proactive approach and we just haven’t heard about it yet.


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      Thanks for the additional information, Mr. Terry! I’ve included a paragraph based on what you said. I also was able to find the minutes to the Rockwall meeting which I’ve hyperlink here. They are on page 196-197. I’ve also requested a copy of the resolution as I believe it isn’t available on the web yet. I found some commentary in those minutes to be rather enlightening, so I’ve included them bellow:

      “Judge New stated that he has a Resolution which is signed by each Mayor in the County with wording like what is provided by the Texas Association of Counties and includes legislative priorities adopted by this Court last year. Judge New explained his goal with the Resolution is to oppose developer driven MUDS that allow them to supersede Cities comprehensive plans and the Counties Subdivision Regulations. He further explained that he wants developers to play fair and be a good neighbor. Judge New would like to have this Resolution be accompanied with a letter to symbolize the unity in the County. Commissioner Sevier requested clarification regarding the authority of the County and the City to regulate growth in the respective City or County. Judge New clarified the authority of the City and County goes out the door when a MUD District is formed and stated that the developers are not answerable to the Citizens. The Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) are the people processing the applications for the developers and there is no mechanism by which they turn down the applications. TCEQ gives the developer every opportunity to cure any deficiencies. Commissioner Macalik has investigated TCEQ to obtain the total number of applications that TCEQ has denied and was informed that they have not denied any.
      This Resolution is another tool that can get the developers back to the negotiating table which is not going to preclude the Court from approving the MUD. Judge New is ok taking the stance that we are not for it. Every MUD that Judge New has seen formed has been to handle the limitations that either water or sewer place on developments and are putting urban developments out in the County. Judge New stated that his stance all along has been that we need to make it so difficult that they are that they will have to play fair with the Cities. We do not need urban developments in the County.”

      I’ve also edited the letter to include some of this new information. The edited letter is attached.

      I absolutely agree with you that reaching out to the county commissioner and judge is the most import step, but I thought we could additionally send this to the cities in Hunt as well. I think you idea would be almost irresistible if other cities in Hunt were requesting this resolution as well which already has the precedence of two neighboring counties.

      They also might take note of more established towns/cities who have a longer relationship with them then we do. I would be in favor of sending it both to the county and the cities. But I don’t think we need to wait for other cities to get on board before we send it to the county, but perhaps others disagree.

      Let me know your thoughts, I’m happy to make any more edits! And I’ll attach the resolution from Rockwall once I get it.

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        Thank you for considering my narrative as well and thank you for looking into to Rockwall county.

        The research you reported on TCEQ makes me more concerned. From what I’ve read, TCEQ board members are appointed by the State Governor. I like the fact the State Senators/Representatives have signed these resolutions. Maybe State reform is in the near future.


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          I hope so. Maybe if enough counties and state representatives get on board, we’ll see some change.

          Rockwall has already responded and sent over their ordinance, which is attached.

          I also think the link to their minutes isn’t working on my last post, so I’ve put an updated hyperlink here.
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            I can put your letter on the next agenda! When I attended the meeting deliberating with the TCEQ in Rockwall last week, this is what they said. They don't even test for pharmaceuticals.
            FEMA may be another route to pursue.. Thank you Simeon and all. Something should be done.


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              Good morning,

              I received CM Anderson minor edits to the letter, which I've added, along with a couple of my own. Attached is the latest version. I've also split the letter into two, one for the cities, and one for the county, since the wording is slightly different.

              Let me know if you'd like anything else changed. It's encouraging to have our edits here instead of in the middle of the meeting, and the citizens get the benefit of having the final version already!
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                I’ve made the minor edits to the document that we discussed. The starting sentences were changed to make it less ridged, and the signature was changed.

                This document still has the edits, suggestions, and reformatting made by Mr. Tom.

                Just comment below whatever you’d like to see changed, and I’ll hop to it.

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