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  • Completing the Town Hall

    At last night's meeting we discussed gathering additional information in the form of a quote to build out the east end of the building to create a closet. We are trying to ensure everyone involved is clear on our expectations and what work will be performed. The only documents we had to work from last night were a quote for lumber and other materials and nothing about what exact work would be done by the citizen/contractor bidding on the job. I for one am appreciative of their desire to help the town with this project and I want to protect them by gathering the above. Terry agreed to get with the person offering to perform the work to fill in the remaining missing parts. One of these parts is better connecting the rooms on the east end of the building to the main structure before adding to them so that the finished product would be level, square and structurally sound. This part of the building separated slightly when it was being moved and needs to be put back in its proper place.

    To be transparent, my struggle with this project from the start has been a lack of clarity around all of the necessary steps to get to a finished project along with more accurate costs. We have gotten better over time with these, allowing us to make more informed decisions about spending the limited funds we have available.

    We can continue this discussion here so that when this item reappears on a future agenda all of the details will have been worked out.

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    Thank you Mike for starting this thread. After walking the town hall yesterday I was concerned about several issues I observed. I agree that the ground is still settling and the building will continue to move but what I observed would not pass any construction standards. I feel the back portion of the building needs a contractor to pull it over and reattach it. As someone mentioned last night, it’s like a hinge. The bottom is attached but the top is 1-1/2” away. The nails will need to be sawn and the add on portion needs to be leveled and reattached with lag bolts or bolts and nuts. These two buildings must be rigidly attached before we can move forward with the closet and the exterior siding. There was a lot of light near the top between opposing sidewalls. There was a hole at the top of the ridge that you could easily see out. It had spray foam as an attempt to close it in and make it weather tight but it needs transition trim under the facia board and the ridge beam cut flush on each end. The sidewall to roof transition needs to be installed under the siding on the other side. After that I feel we could proceed with the closet addition. I’m thankful we found it now before the inspection. This would not have passed any inspection and further more cost more money to remove siding and trim to fix the problem. I welcome any other opinions of the current attachment and possible remedies. As Tom Anderson said to me last night “ a strong wind could tear that down”. I have volunteered to meet the contractor to review the scope of work and I would be happy to post it here in the forum after we meet. Council deserves a full estimate with the scope of work estimated and as of last night we were not provided anything other than a material quote (that was missing shingles) and a labor number. Written estimates protect each party from unknown expectations. I welcome any other CM to attend the contractor meeting but we need to be clear as to who wishes to attend to avoid a violation of OMA.

    Does Council wish for any other contractors to provide an estimate or review of what I’ve stated?

    I will attach a few pictures. You will see the separation between the two buildings and the daylight that needs to be addressed.


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        The building has been moved for seven months.


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          I’m not sure I understand your reply above.

          Are you saying that in the seven months it’s been on the new property the two sections have fallen apart?

          Or are you implying someone else should’ve caught it because it’s already been there 7 months?


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            I talked with both Louis Cernoch, a former framer, Monday and Jon Steele, a current framer on Tuesday. Louis said the most cost effective way to handle this part which pulled away was to put cut off the old nails, put in a wood piece and bolt or screw the parts where it has separated. Jon stated that he would use a special type of screw which is meant to endure heavy weights. Since the floor in the hall is level, they didn't think leveling it would be helpful and may create additional problems. This is a fairly simple solution apparently, but does need to be addressed. Then the painter corrects the flaws inside.

            I did get clarification on the roof. Jon would run the black paper and nails and then subcontract a roofer who is certified to complete the project to make it watertight. [That is not yet included--
            he said he would work on getting the written quote for all] Because of two reasons--the pulling away primarily, we need to rework the new part with the old part to make sure the flashing is applied. [Right now is there is merely a temporary flashing cover like the tarp on the door section] He also said he could have the professional roofer fix the roof on the old structure which doesn't appear to be leaking, but does have a spot which needs addressing as light is shining through.
            Terry may talk with Louis further to find out additional information as needed.