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Speed limit lowered on parts of FM986?

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  • Speed limit lowered on parts of FM986?

    I received a photo yesterday from a citizen showing a new speed limit sign on FM986. I remember discussing the TXDOT study that we approved the Mayor to request along with their findings. I also remember being a little surprised that the data set was only a handful of cars. And I remember the report mentioning that the best they could recommend was a 5 MPH speed reduction. I do not remember however discussing that that change would take place. Did one of us request or approve that change to the speed limit? Is that a road that the Town of Poetry has jurisdiction over since it is maintained by the state? I'm not saying in anyway that a slight reduction in the speed limit is a bad idea. I am simply wondering how this change came to fruition?

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    I was wondering as well! I received no notification that I have seen and did not request it be put up, but I believe that since TXDOT has recommended this after their study that it is their best interest (and probably ours) to go ahead and post it as such. Not having the recommended speed could be a liability for them as well as the town.


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      Seems weird that no one would tell us that the speed limit was being changed, but it is a state road...what is more strange is that (as of my last observation) the northbound and southbound speed limits are now out of sync. I didn't even know that was legal - 50 in one direction and 55 in the other. Perhaps they will be coming back to change the other signs?


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        To CM Vinson’s point, it is a state road and I feel
        like they could do as they please but to CM Jaffe stated, the research left us all a little confused. The research was, in my opinion, half-hearted and left more to be desired. I am for safety and TxDOT would be the subject matter expert. But I also would think the State would work with Town if nothing more for reasons of notification of an upcoming change.

        Does anyone know who is our representative with TxDot? Maybe we could ask them.