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    Hello everyone,

    I think it would be nice to show appreciation to CM Vinson and any other members who may not be re-elected, for their efforts and service to the Town of Poetry. As you know, this is a difficult job that requires many hours of preparation and listening to concerned citizens. Some would say it’s a thankless job but honestly I have been thanked by many and many kind words have been spoken to this council from the podium. I have told many of you thank you for your service to this community and I will say it again and again. Thank you all for the work you have done in the past two years.

    With that said, I reached out to citizen Chad McFarlane today. Chad is the owner of Two Guys Engraving. I called for a ball park price of a generic appreciation plaque. I wanted to present you with a cost of each plaque but Chad has generously offered to provide those plaques at no cost to the city. I don’t know the value of the plaques and I didn’t ask but I wanted to make sure the Council knew of this generosity.

    If the Council decides to move forward with the idea, I could reach out to Chad for samples. I think he mentioned an 8x10 wood plaque. He also emailed me the rendering he completed a few hours after contacting him.

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    I think that's a great idea Terry. Thank you for bringing it to us. And thank you to Chad McFarlane for offering to donate the plaques. I agree with you Terry that it is not a thankless job. For me it's an honor to have the privilege of serving our Town and all the great people who live here.


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      I’m in full agreement here too! And a big thanks to Mr. Chad for the generous offer. And I know Brian deserves more then we can give him for all his efforts over the last two years, but I think a plaque is a great representation of the gratitude we have for his service.


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        Fabulous idea! Thank you, Chad McFarlane.


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          Seems like it’s a pretty easy consensus. Do y’all want to edit the wording on the plaque. Thoughts/ideas?


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            Thank you, Chad MacFarlane for your generosity. I can say that this is definitely not expected or needed. Otherwise, I'll stay out of the discussion - seems a little self-serving at this point.